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What is Trackbar and what is it supposed to do?

Trackbar is a sensor that is attached to weight lifting equipment. Measuring critical parameters like speed and range of motion it provides the coach and the athlete with insights about the workout and the progress. Further, it offers communication tools to intensify the relationship between athlete and coach (coming this summer). For both parties trackbar offers the possibility to digitize the workout.

Which parameter will be measurable and how exactly does Trackbar work?
We are measuring e.g. the range of motion, speed and eccentric / concentric movement times. In addition to inertial measurement units (IMU) we fuse the data with the latest pressure sensors which makes our measurements even more precise.

What makes Trackbar different from other tracker?
Trackbar offers gyms, coaches and athletes to monitor their progress easily. The Trackbar sensor is not only built for professional sports, it is designed to provide a solution for everyone from the gym newbie over physiotherapists to pro athletes. With the help of the latest technology we serve everyone with the data they need for their workout.

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